Baby Bradley Shows Herself


It took us a while to decide whether to find out the gender or not. In the end, I always wanted to find out and Jordan was undecided. However, with our present state of life, finding out was just the best option for us! Of course, that made me even more anxious and excited for the appointment today!

We spent a good 45 minutes just watching Baby Bradley move around inside me as the ultrasound technician took pictures and affirmed that she was growing good and right where she is suppose to be at her age!

Here are the pictures from today:

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The best part of seeing her today was when we got to see the side of her and literally her body was bent in half with her feet up by her head. Then, while watching, we could see her hand feeling her feet! It was awesome! O, another great part was when we were looking at her heart to make sure she had all 4 chambers (which she does!) and you could literally seeing the heart pulsing! Then, the great ultrasound technician turned on the sound to record the heartbeat! We could seeing it pulsing while hearing it! I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!

We also learned that my placenta lies in the front of the uterus which is okay except that mine is rather close to my cervix. This is all okay except if the placenta grows and covers the cervix. Therefore, we are having another ultrasound at 28 weeks. They said it is just precautionary and I shouldn’t worry because it is not in front of the cervix now and more than likely won’t grow down that way! NO WORRIES!

Thats all for now.

In Him,



Getting Set Up

Hello Everyone!

Life has been move at the speed of light lately since I got this blog back in March and haven’t had time to really set it up…

So, I am now.

There are many reason I want to do a blog:

1. To keep friends and family informed of my life so far away from them as well as share pictures

2. To ramble out my thoughts and feelings (sometimes that is a stress reliever for me)

Therefore, since being married, I wanted a new site with a new name.

Right now in the life of the Bradleys:

1. Baby Bradley is growing and my tummy is getting bigger and bigger everyday.

2. We just moved into our own apartment with enough room for our growing family.

That is all for now, I leave you with a picture!

Baby Bradley coming in December!