There are many days where it is all surreal to me that I am a mother. I know I should be use to it by now because I had her inside of me for practically 40 weeks and she is now 8 1/2 weeks old. But, there are days where I am still getting use to having someone else depend on me every waking minute they are not sleeping and to be their only source of food.

This doesn’t change the way I feel about her at all. Every smile I get just melts my heart. Seeing that she recognizes my voice amazes me. Watching her learn new things brings joy. All these new and exciting things I get to experience daily is wonderful and I am just AMAZED.

I am amazed at how blessed we are to have a healthy little girl that loves sleeping. I am amazed at how perfectly God created everything about her and how much she looks and acts like Jordan and myself. I am amazed at her own little personality with every facial expression and smile.

Mainly, I am just amazed that God is allowing us to raise his daughter and thankful for every minute we have with her everyday!

Isn’t God amazing?


In Him,


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