{Isabel : 1 Month}

Last Saturday, January 7th, Isabel turned a whole month old! I am not the best photographer, and some of my pictures got corrupted when I was downloading. But here are a few from that day:

Over the past month, we have seen a LOT of change. Here are a few things we have learned about little miss Isabel:

1. She eats 2-3 oz every 2-4 hours.

2. She is a GREAT sleeper. The most she has slept is 8 hours at one time! I, however, got less sleep because I woke up every hour making sure she was still alive!

3. She smiles a TON!

4. She loves the sound of water and taking a bath.

5. She makes some of the greatest faces. Ben Bradley said, “She just went through every emotion of facial expression at one time!” Then, he proceeded to try to show us!

Yep, she is a growing little girl. There are days where her momma isn’t sure what to do or what to think, but Isabel has brought so much joy into our lives; it is unexplainable!

In Him,


P.S. Thanks to Jake, Renae, Asher and Cyan Bradley for the cute headband!!


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